It Is Well

When I think about God being in charge of my life, I know it is well with my soul. But watching or reading the news, not all is well in this country/world. There are times I watch television, and I know I cannot change anything that is happening, but it irritates the heck out of... Continue Reading →

1 John1:2

What does it mean to follow Jesus? 1 John 1:2 will tell you. The Word of life is revealed and gives life. 1 John reveals that Christ lived among them and why they must know the truth of Jesus. 1 John relates to the book of John by indicating, “in the beginning,” which was with... Continue Reading →

Judging Others

This topic has come up so many times within the last few weeks. My husband and I have shared our thoughts, and even our study group has spoken on it. Scripture provides answers to judging and how we are to respond. Judging is not just speaking, it is your feelings towards another person and your... Continue Reading →

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