Bye Bailey

My little Bailey, almost thirteen years old passed away. Her kidneys were falling, she was not drinking water or eating. I remember the day I picked her out from the other puppies. I wanted a little girl and found out that somebody bought the last two girls. As much as I wanted a girl, I... Continue Reading →

A Better Person

It was never instilled in me as I was young to be a better person. My parents always told us kids to know right from wrong and don’t do this or that. Don’t get me wrong, my parents loved me and my siblings, but the intimate conversations were left out. I am the youngest of... Continue Reading →

Christmas Songs

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on This year is making me want to decorate early, bake early and everything early. I even received everything I ordered for everyone and wrapped it all. So with that being said, I am listening to Christmas songs everyday. There are so many beautiful, spiritual Christmas songs, that I cannot... Continue Reading →

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