Christmas Songs

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on This year is making me want to decorate early, bake early and everything early. I even received everything I ordered for everyone and wrapped it all. So with that being said, I am listening to Christmas songs everyday. There are so many beautiful, spiritual Christmas songs, that I cannot... Continue Reading →


Wake up and get going! Don't just lay around and do nothing. I am not talking about exercising, though you do need motivation for that. Life is not always easy and I sometimes feel unmotivated. At times I feel depleted, and I know I must keep going. Who do I lean on? Who gives me... Continue Reading →

Attending Church

This pandemic is changing the way we live, shop and see our friends and family. It has been a crazy year. Thank goodness we can Skype, Zoom and even FaceTime. But if you were attending church before the pandemic, are you attending now or watching your church service online? It's difficult trying to accomplish anything,... Continue Reading →

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