Mary or Martha

Two sisters who wanted to please Jesus, but in different ways. I started writing this lesson on listening and learning, and it made me think about school and what I learned. When you were in school, did you learn anything from your teachers? Some kids liked their teachers and others did not. There were some... Continue Reading →


I remember when I was a little girl I would pray every night before bed. I don't recall my exact age, but I know I was under ten years of age. My mom is one of eight kids, so my prayers would last forever. I would pray for every aunt and uncle, cousin and the... Continue Reading →

Curve Ball

As the saying goes, life throws you curve balls, is so true. When the day starts off smoothly and the mood is perfect, that is when the unexpected happens. That is what happened to my family. The day after Christmas started off like any other day. My husband and I went to the store to... Continue Reading →

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