1 John1:2

What does it mean to follow Jesus? 1 John 1:2 will tell you. The Word of life is revealed and gives life. 1 John reveals that Christ lived among them and why they must know the truth of Jesus. 1 John relates to the book of John by indicating, “in the beginning,” which was with... Continue Reading →


My husband and I have been attending the Methodist church for several years. The denomination has been divided by the LGBTQ, and pastors, trying to take the denomination over to conform the Methodist to their ways. Before I continue, I want to say that I have no problem at all with anyone attending service. All... Continue Reading →

Same Power

I consider myself somewhat strong. I have been exercising for nearly thirty years. Now, with that being said, I’m not my youngest daughter, who is twenty-three. She and my husband have been hunting together for many years. She’s like the son we never had. Sometimes before they go hunting, they practice target shooting in our... Continue Reading →

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