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Same Power

I consider myself somewhat strong. I have been exercising for nearly thirty years. Now, with that being said, I’m not my youngest daughter, who is twenty-three. She and my husband have been hunting together for many years. She’s like the son we never had. Sometimes before they go hunting, they practice target shooting in our... Continue Reading →

Master Bedroom

I’ve read a couple articles regarding the word “master” for master bedroom. I see a problem with this. It’s called “conforming”. Because one person, or maybe two, have a problem with a particular word that has been used for a long time, change happens! Now, the real estate community is rethinking the name. First theories,... Continue Reading →

Who Are You?

Do you know who you are, where you’re going, and where you belong? Who is your family? Is it the family that does not know God or is it the family that knows God? Who are your brothers and sisters? Are they your brothers and sisters in Christ? Our connection to our family is different... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Crisp

As you know I am not a big dessert person, but I do love my fruit. I have two large blueberry bushes in my backyard and one huge strawberry patch in my garden. I moved the patch around to show strawberries, but can't really see many. We have netting so the chickens, rabbits, birds and... Continue Reading →

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