It Is Well

When I think about God being in charge of my life, I know it is well with my soul. But watching or reading the news, not all is well in this country/world. There are times I watch television, and I know I cannot change anything that is happening, but it irritates the heck out of me why things are happening, why things are out of control.

Satan is at work!

But why get upset about things that I cannot change? I can’t and I won’t because God has a plan.

God has everything under control. He knows the next thought and next step of each one of us. Knowing the power of truth is to know God. When you know God, you have the wisdom to understand the future He holds for you.

Though we are not in control of every situation, we should not turn from the evil around us. Our duty is to glorify God in everything we do. Our mission is to preach the Gospel.

When we pray, when we seek, we will find the Lord. It is when we are at the lowest of our low, when we are hungry, that we find Him, that we put our hope in Him.

Do you appreciate the taste of honey? If so, then you should appreciate the wisdom of knowing that there is hope.

Are you satisfied in the hope God has given you? Is it well with your soul?

Our hunger for God is met when we read His Word. It’s like eating your favorite food. The more you want it, you continue to eat it. That is what God wants from us. He wants us to hunger for Him. But if our hunger diminishes and lacks what we need, we become empty and lose nourishment, we lose God’s truth.

Do not turn to the desires of this world. Do not lose the hunger of God and his plans for you. Keep that thirst, that hunger and be fulfilled in filling your soul.

I pray all is well with each of you.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless šŸ’•

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