Who Are You Committed To?

I find this to be a very broad question. I think all of us are committed to so many things because of our busy lives. Are you committed to work, school, kids, or spouse? Maybe your committed to each one. Each day we are committed to someone or something. Each morning when you wake up, do you think about your family, job, or what needs to be accomplished? Of course, it’s normal to think that.

I don’t know about you, but I get so busy that it can be 9 o’clock in the morning and then it’s 3 o’clock already. It makes the day go by faster because we are accomplishing what needs to be done.

But are you committing yourselves to too many things or too many people?

Many of us find not only are we committing ourselves to too many things, but we are committing ourselves to worldly desires and wants. If you’re doing that, then you are leaving someone out of your decision making and your commitments

You must follow God every day of your life. Not just one day or every other day. It’s every day all day. Are you committed to God? 

Being fully committed to God is by surrendering yourself to him by abiding in Him with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When you are committed to God, your decision making is based upon what He thinks not what the world thinks.

If you are a child of God through repentance and born again into the family of God, you must follow God each day through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The gateway to heaven is by faith in Jesus and repentance of sin.

Who are you committed to? Can you truly say your committed to God and surrendering yourself to him by your decision making?

Turn your commitments and decision-making away from the world and towards God.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless 💕

6 thoughts on “Who Are You Committed To?

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  1. Sandy, thank you for sharing this blessed testament. I can recall those days when I was attempting to keep those plates spinning. When we surrender ourselves to the Lord, He helps us to prioritize with His love first.

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