Colorado! (try again WordPress)

My husband takes his hunting trip to Colorado every year. He and a few friends go elk hunting. Every time he comes back from his trip, he always tells me about how beautiful it is and how the air/humidity is. Not only that, but he wants me to go out to Colorado as well.

As many of you know, I do not like to fly. And yes, there is medication to take or a drink to take before the flight. I called my doc.

I bit the bullet and flew to Colorado with him. Not only to see this beautiful state, but to see something amazing that we have wanted to see for a while.

We went to Red Rocks Amphitheatre!

Danny Gokey, Toby Mack, Jordan Feliz, Dante Bowe, Katy Nichole and Cochren & Co. How amazing everyone gathering to listen to Christian music and feeling the Holy Spirit in each one of us. There were approximately 9,000 people there and it was crazy to see. We were in row 17. There were 70 rows, and we went to the top and the view!!

We took a bike ride on Copper Mountain. It was easy and mostly downhill, but it had some curvy areas which I did not expect. It was fun! So many people ride bikes and most look professional with their gear on and biking for hours. We stopped to take some pictures along the way. The water was so clear at the bottom left pic.

Later that day we had a great lunch in Frisco at Bread and Salt. We were going to shop around but it started raining, so we drove around. Later that night we headed to Silverthorne. The next day we stopped at Lake Dillon. Wow, beautiful there. It was a slower day that day, the time change was catching up.

Next morning, we went to Steamboat Springs. Not much between Silverthorne and Steamboat other than amazing views. My husband kept saying that every view looked like a postcard. It did!

The speed limit was anywhere from 55 to 65. Oh, My Goodness, people were flying around the curves, and I told my husband to slow down because we are not used to driving in that area. I drive fast at home, but up there, hardly any guardrails. I about took the wheel.

The top right picture was high up on a mountain, then again everything was high. I kept my distance. I looked down once and almost got sick. Me and heights do not get along.

When we arrived at Steamboat Springs, there was a huge farmers market. Of course, you cannot leave a farmers’ market without buying something yummy. Afterwards we finally went shopping and bought our girls a small gift. We always get them something wherever we go.

Later that evening we drove back to Frisco and had a wonderful dinner. The weather was beautiful and no humidity.

Bloom Lasagna at Bagalis Restaurant.

If you were wondering if my medicine worked, it did. Will I fly again? Maybe, but not anytime soon.

This trip was worth it. My husband was very happy that I said yes. I’m sure many of you have been to Colorado or live there, but for me it was a WOW moment. And if you have not been to Red Rocks, the views, and the gathering of people worshipping God is a beautiful thing to see and experience.

God Bless, 💕

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  1. Sandy, this outdoor venue looks fantastic. It shares quite a picturesque setting among God’s creation and hearing Christian music. The venue reminds me of the outdoor venue used for the Medora Musical in North Dakota.

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