But Why? Rest Assure!

Each day has enough problems of its own. That saying is so true. And we never know what the day will bring when we wake up.

I am going to start this by taking it back to last year. In October of 2021 my daughter was hit by a tractor trailer. No one was hurt, thank God. Her car was in serious condition. In the shop (hospital) it goes. She was given a rental, and still has it to this day. Problems with parts coming in and so many other things have kept this an ongoing problem.

But why? Rest assure things will work out.

It could have been worse, I tell her. The tractor trailer could have sent her into the nearby ditch, or worse, in the hospital.

She has a car and can drive to and from work. Rest assure things will work out.

Fast forward to yesterday. She wanted to buy a few things at Target. I decided to go with her. She got a great deal on Air Pods, and so she was happy. We were only in the store for approximately forty-five minutes.

We exit the store, pushing the cart in the rain, trying to find the car. We finally found it (as if it moved). I went around the back of it and noticed the rear bumper was hanging by a thread. I told her to come around the back, and I think she was in shock and held back tears, knowing her car is still in the shop and now this happened to her rental. I looked around the car to see if any information from the driver was left. Nothing was.

I called the police and then went inside to Target. I spoke to security and asked them to check their cameras. I went back out with security, and there were a few people who came over to ask if we were okay, but no one saw who hit the car. When the police showed up, I told him that he needs to look at the camera.

After all this time waiting, the camera showed a dark truck hitting her car. Someone got out of the truck to look at her car, and then the person got back into the truck and drove away. The camera could not verify a license plate. My first thought was, why in the world do you have cameras outside that are useless.

But why? Rest assure things will work out.

It could have been worse. This could have happened while we were driving and either one or both of us would be in the hospital. I told my daughter to be grateful for what God has given her in both of these incidents. Neither one was her fault, and she was safe in each.

Life is not easy. It is full of surprises, disappointments, and frustration. I was disappointed at the fact that someone would do this and drive away. I had to tell myself not to get upset by the fact that some people do not care. They are only concerned about themselves.

After receiving the paperwork and case number, we went back home. My daughter went into her room, and I sat down to pray. I prayed that the police would find the driver. I prayed that God would release the stress and anxiety from my daughter.

I prayed that everything would work out.

We cannot expect everything to turn out the way we want, but we can pray and give everything over to God. He cares and loves each of us, and we must remain faithful knowing we can trust Him. I know from experience that God does answer prayers. He has answered many of mine.

Today, tomorrow, and each day that follows, we never know what to expect. But we can expect a God who gives us assurance. Our worries should be casted upon our Lord.

Jesus told the disciples that their Father cares for them and they have nothing to worry about. We have nothing to worry about either, rest assure.

But it’s not just “our care” that we give over to God, it’s “all our care.” Whether it is a hit and run, family life or work life, we cannot do this on our own. Give it to God and His promises will indeed be carried out.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless šŸ’•

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