Here we are in March. That quick and two months have passed. Every year I say I will accomplish more, and hopefully find the time. But it is not always about what needs to be done or what I want. It is about what God has planned and how I need to rely on Him for everything!

Accomplishments are different for everyone. It could be a new job or a completed project. But are these accomplishments or goals according to God’s will. Our works are to please God by being transformed.

If what we intend to pursue or complete is within our own understanding, then it will not accomplish God’s purpose.

Whatever good that we do, God does in us. He works in our lives as He equips us with His grace.

God blesses all those who rely and trust in Him. At the end of the day, do you ever look back and see what God has done? Do you thank Him, knowing He stepped in, knowing it wasn’t you who did it?

God has blessed me with a B.S. Religion in Biblical and Theological Studies. I give Him all the glory. He gave me the strength, when I cried. He gave me the knowledge when I did not understand. He gave me the wisdom to discern right from wrong. And He gave my family (especially my husband) the patience to put up with me through all this.

I applied for a job at my church. There were many applicants and it came down to me and another lady. She got the job. I was a little sad at first, then realized God has a better plan for me ahead. It is His timing not mine. I am thankful for His timing and what He has provided me. Only He knows what is best for me.

Through all our accomplishments or desires, always rely on God.

Anytime you have doubt, God will make your paths straight. He equips us with everything we need. Continue to grow in faith and be obedient to God. He loves and cares for each of us.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless 💕

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