1 John1:2

What does it mean to follow Jesus? 1 John 1:2 will tell you. The Word of life is revealed and gives life. 1 John reveals that Christ lived among them and why they must know the truth of Jesus.

1 John relates to the book of John by indicating, “in the beginning,” which was with the Father. He is affirming that the whole of what now exists was begun by God’s act of bringing it into existence-he did not fashion and adapt something that already existed independently of him.

The Greek word “koinonia” means to fellowship and commune with one another or partake.

By partaking, we come together as believers in a body of Christ. We come together to fellowship with each other and with God for His purpose in knowing Jesus, through His Word. Faith and hope found in God unites His people into His family.

 Life was revealed to 1 John. He starts his letter by stating, “what existed from the beginning,” which coincides with the gospel of John, “In the beginning.” The beginning of both books relates to Genesis. The Greek term for “beginning” is ἀρχῆς, also indicates power, and office. The Greek word ἀκηκόαμεν, meaning “hear” is stated by 1 John when he says, “which we have heard,” and the Hebrew word hear, is שׁמע,. Studying the syntax of a passage, look at the structure of the sentence and the function of the words.

John writes to the churches concerning false teachings of those who are turning from God.  He is pointing out a problem of light and darkness. The apostle directed his first shafts at the heresy with which he was concerned. The antichrists brought new ideas, not those which were “from the beginning” of the gospel era.

Antichrists are people who do not believe in and go against Christ and spread false teachings about Christ. They are not in a relationship with God, and do not believe Jesus as both human and divine. John wants to reassure the believers that the antichrists are not Christian believers and will continue to sin. Sin is darkness, and John is writing so they do not sin. Salvation comes from the work of Jesus who makes it possible by believing in Him. 1 John tells his readers that, “life appeared.”

John was not only with Jesus, but he heard and touched Jesus. The Word that was given, appeared. Life appeared and John saw. This Scripture is related to Proverbs. “I was formed long ages ago, at the very beginning, when the world came to be.” (Proverbs 8:23, NIV) The words “which was” means with the Father, from creation. In the original Greek, the tense of “have seen” indicates an action with a continuing effect, while the tense of “have looked at” indicates a particular time.

Some Christians were turning from the truth because of their own knowledge and interpretation. The antichrists were separated from the truth of what is given. Gnosticism is denying the truth of Jesus. John was conveying the truth to Christians that Jesus came into flesh. People sin because of the flesh. Though there is a new life in Christ, we still have a body that lives in this world until our new body is with Jesus. Conflict with sin is the difference between the Holy Spirit convicting and a person who is not convicted and continues to sin, not living a godly life.

1 John gives assurance of Jesus by the promises of God. This can be seen by “which was with the father,” because of the relationship and love between Son and Father. God is love and He gives us the Holy Spirit that dwells in each believer. “This is how we know that we live in him and he is us: He has given us of his Spirit.” (1 John 4:13, NIV) The assurance is to be grounded on God’s testimony about his Son; their own godly living, loving action, and concern for fellow believers, their obedience to the love command; and the Spirit’s testimony to Christ.

How can you, how can I experience true joy?

By trusting in Jesus and experiencing a relationship with Him and fellowshipping among other believers.

Jesus was human and divine. Do not be fooled by false teachings. The false teachers that taught then, are still teaching now. 1 John affirms Jesus’ humanity, while the gospel affirms His deity.

Be aware of heresy that is with us today when the truth of Jesus is twisted by the thought of others.

Know the assurance of your salvation in Jesus.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and God Bless. 💕

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