Same Power

I consider myself somewhat strong. I have been exercising for nearly thirty years. Now, with that being said, I’m not my youngest daughter, who is twenty-three.

She and my husband have been hunting together for many years. She’s like the son we never had. Sometimes before they go hunting, they practice target shooting in our backyard. The other day while practicing, I went out back to watch. She said, “Mom, take the bow and shoot.” I said, “sure, I used to do this.” I have hunted with my husband before, but not with a bow.

I held the bow, pulled it and could not pull it back. Hmm…..I was not happy. So, I tried again, and again could not do it. Like, what the heck! She said I was getting old.

Later that day, my daughter and I were in the front yard by a tree. She said, “I’m going to climb it.” I laughed and said, “go for it.” She grabbed the branch and couldn’t pull herself up. 😂 I told her I was going to try. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. I grabbed the branch, threw both my legs up, and up the tree I went.

I don’t have the same power as I did when I was younger or even a few years ago. I have arthritis throughout my body. But that’s okay because the power I have now is stronger than anything I had before. My power will not be overtaken, it lives in me.

As Jeremy Camp sings, “same power lives in us.”

We have hope, and we have power. That power is given to us by Jesus, who died for our sins. We will not be overtaken. We are Spiritually alive by the Holy Spirit.

Though all of us have different strengths, we can all have the same power. This power does not deceive or mislead us into fear. This power testifies of who we are because Christ is in us.

Even in my weakness, not pulling back the bow, I turn to Jesus to depend on His Power.

I may be older, but I am wiser, and Spirit-filled because the Spirit of Christ is in me. I may be older, but am a new life in Christ. I may not be as strong, but I am empowered by living in the Spirit.

I am no longer young, but I am a child of God.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless 💕

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  1. Sandy, how I loved this post and yes oh yes I relate. Believe me. I’ve been working out for over 40 years and consider myself even stronger than I was in my younger years, however, in different ways. I feel that strength and that power you mention. I laughed when you showed your daughter who can still climb a tree. Not sure if I could but that would not stop me from at least trying.
    Keep shining your light and may God bless you abundantly, even more then He is now, for showing the world your integrity and grace through Christ. xo

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