Charleston, SC!

I have always wanted to visit Charleston. I tease my husband and say that I want to live there. He says, “why, you have never been there.”

Well, that changed!

My husband and I took a short trip and it was great. It was a quick flight and anxiety full for me. I have flown plenty of times, but I do not like it. I cried like a baby and prayed so much.

We rented a car and drove almost everywhere during our short stay. We stayed on King Street, and it was difficult falling asleep at night. We heard everything! 😳 but it was okay because it was worth it.

Hush Puppies at Fleet Landing

Who makes hush puppies this big? Filled with crab meat, and I only ate one. I had to save room for dinner.

Sullivan’s Beach

This beach was beautiful! We just walked and walked.

Our carriage ride included sixteen people and was an hour long. The guide was knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor.

Wiki Wiki Restaurant

I did not think these drinks were going to be so big! I should not have had it. I was fine. Just the thought of eating and drinking everything was too much for me. I do not usually do this. I could hardly get past the whipped cream. This restaurant is in Folly Beach. A lot going on there and it was crowded.

Beautiful, is all I can say! I learned something from our guide on our carriage ride. Most homes in Charleston have gardens, not yards. I believe it!

We had a great time. One day we shopped for approximately two hours. I don’t like to shop, but it was fun in Charleston. There was this one particular boutique that had cute dresses, but $$$. I just window shopped. 😁

I hope to start blogging on a regular basis soon. I am working on my last six classes for my bachelor’s and extremely busy. This little getaway was just perfect, and now back to reality.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless 💕

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  1. Sandy, I was curious to go back and read this post. While I have never been to South Carolina, your discussion and photos tell me it would be a worthwhile trip. The hush puppies stuffed with crab would appeal to my wife as she grew up on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Best wishes with your continued studies.

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