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I have noticed so many wonderful and inspiring blog names/titles on this site. I have wondered how each of you came up with it.

When I started my blog (only a year ago), I knew right away what I wanted to call it. Clear Reveal came to me so quickly because God clearly reveals Himself, and He revealed Himself to me years ago.

It’s amazing how clearly we see others and the world through the lenses of God. I was changed completely by the way I viewed life, and I pray you have been changed as well.

My title represents who I am and what I truly believe in and that is God. I don’t know where I would be without Him.

Keeping this short and sweet, I would love to hear how the name of your blog came about.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless!

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  1. Of course, we get revelations from our Father.

    My blog name is a combination of all the initials of my names plus my first name.

    I played with it briefly before it became a brand that I now love so much due to its uniqueness.

    Thanks for sharing. Be blessed.

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  2. My blog title has been changed three times. The last time, “Above Illusion” indicates I refuse to believe and be involve with the illusionary narrative in this world today. I see above to live in love, peace, and retain the ability to THINK on my own. I see God through Mother …. that is MY unique connection and will stay that way for the rest of my life. I actually cried over a mouse last night who we had to evict from our grill after he worked so hard to make himself a winter’s nest. I saw God in this little mouse and it put tears on my cheeks knowing he now had to start all over to make another nest. I actually prayed for him. That is how I see and know God, even in the little things of life. And that is what I reflect on my blog.

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  3. I have a ministry for refugees and immigrants from all over the world who live in my city. Jesus has given me the opportunity to share his love with them. That is why the name for my blog is jesusluvsall

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  4. For me, it is how we are made anew from the inside out when we not only accept the Christ, but allow Him to work in us. The change that takes place in the Sinner but also the Believer, drawing closer to God. Paul talks about the life we live no longer being ours, but the Lord’s. Also, the work of the Holy Spirit in us, as He molds us into the perfect image of Christ. The title ‘NewLife’ came by inspiration😊

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  5. Sandy, thanks for sharing the inspiration behind your blog’s name. Big Sky Buckeye represents my native state of Montana (Big Sky) where I lived for many years. I have been living in Ohio (the Buckeye state) for the past 13 years.

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  6. My blog name is similar to yours; it is who I am and what God is and has done. Thank you for sharing your story with us and asking about ours. God bless and keep you.❤️

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  7. Hi Sandy, I called mine Inspirational Ingrid, because I have always encouraged others with the word of God. So it was really to try to inspire others who already know him and those who do not know him. It is really interesting to hear why others have chosen their names, a great blog. Thanks and rich blessings!

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