Where Is The Family?

My parents were married fifty-nine years before my dad passed away. Both my parents were hard workers and they both retired. Our family consisted of six and it was not a perfect family. I did not have a Christian centered home, but we knew family was important and what it meant to be a family.

Times have changed and families have changed. It is sad to say that the family unit has been deteriorating over the last few decades. The family used to consist of two parents and now it’s more of a single parent home or two parents of the same sex.

I understand that there are more serious problems in the world, and this is a broad subject, but this world and the relaxation of the family is truly bothersome. If you were brought up in a family with two parents (opposite sex), you were more likely to have a healthy upbringing and an upbringing of what God intended.

Where is the structure of the family? Do we not care anymore? Satan hates marriage, and will do anything to tear the family unit apart. Instead of working to keep marriage and family together we separate and divorce because it’s too much work to keep it together. We give up because we can and it’s easy to give up.

Believe me, my own family has had ups and downs. We would get mad with each other, yell and then resolve the problem. We talked about each other’s day and did things together. What I found important was having dinner together and conversations. My family knows how important it is to have a Christian centered home.

God Created marriage and family. God must be in the center of marriages. God is loving, trusting and honorable, and that is what a marriage is. But if the marriage is not any of those then where is the family?

I see people living and acting like others instead of following and living like God.

Don’t let your family deteriorate and fall apart. Bring God in your marriage and bring God in your family. Where is your family? I pray that your family is a Christian centered family and is led by Jesus Christ.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless

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  1. Amen! Words can’t express how much I love your post. You’re absolutely right. These last few decades have made us witness to some of the most tragic deterioration of Godly wisdom, values and commitment. It’s a throw away culture and that has sadly infected marriage mentality too. 😢 God created marriage for us to grow as individuals and as a family unit. The more challenges we face and grow through, the more Christ-like we become. Then our marriage can minister to a very broken, hurting world.

    I shudder to think how many lives would be different today with an intact, HEALTHY family unit. How many girls wouldn’t be seeking toxic, wrong attention? How many boys wouldn’t be engaging in high risk behavior because they know their worth and identity? And that it isn’t found in ‘coolness factor.’ How many men and women would grow into God-fearing, world changing, purpose fulfilling powerhouses? Oh, how i long to see! I know you do too.

    Thank you for this powerful reminder of God’s way vs the world. Lord, heal our land, values, and marriages! ♥️

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