Needs And Wants

I have a wants and needs list, and a honey do list. The lists consist of things that are needed for the home, and my wants are just to have. I have learned to think twice about my wants. I add things, erase and make corrections on my list. I then question myself and ask, “Do I really want this or do I need it?”

The luxuries of life are enticing. Bigger homes, loaded cars and sparkling jewelry. The list can go on and on. Our neighbor may buy a new car and then we look at ours and think we need one. A family member bought a vacation home, but do we need that? The difference between needs and wants is the lifestyle of the person and the importance of life itself.

Some of these can bring comfort or do they? Some actually do because we do need things to live. We need and want food, and we need that to live. We need and want clothes because we can’t walk around naked. Or maybe some do. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

What we have is nothing compared to what God gives.

“For from him and through him and for him are all things.” (Romans 11:36)

What is it that you really need? That personal relationship with God. Do you want Him? You should! Do you need Him? Yes!

We think we can do things on our own, but where does that lead us? That detour we take leads in the wrong direction and we take it anyway.

We make mistakes, we make wrong choices, but those mistakes and choices can be turned into something amazing. A new life in Christ.

There was a time when I thought I didn’t need God. I knew who He was, but I also knew I could do things on my own. Big Mistake! My life and especially my thoughts of how I wanted to live were guided by the secular worldview. That is how most people in this world are living now, and they are the one’s that need God. They do not realize how weak and vulnerable they are.

God gives us the promise of salvation to those who believe in Him. Who else can give you that promise? I don’t want you to feel as if you think you need God, I want you to need, abide and live for Him. I pray that you do!

Turn to God! Know Him as your Lord and Savior. Meet Him in prayer. He is always there, and will always be with you.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless

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