Attending Church

This pandemic is changing the way we live, shop and see our friends and family. It has been a crazy year. Thank goodness we can Skype, Zoom and even FaceTime. But if you were attending church before the pandemic, are you attending now or watching your church service online?

It’s difficult trying to accomplish anything, and depending on where you live it may be more difficult. But spending time with God is never difficult. Churches are opening at different capacities and if they are not opening at all in your area, they are giving us the opportunity to receive their worship service online.

A church is where we can find support, love for each other and peace. We must be the church and keep the church going. With so many services online, can you imagine how many people are sitting home watching? This is amazing if you think about how many are receiving God’s word. There are so many people who are hesitant about going back or even attending in the first place. This may give someone an opportunity to attend without being there. Online worship service is coming right in your own home, probably while your still in your pj’s drinking coffee.

I’m not saying that’s a bad idea, but don’t forget the reason why we do attend church. It draws us closer to God, we worship God and we feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Our church family is there praying together, singing together and loving one another. And though we are staying six feet apart, seeing one another and sharing the love for Christ is needed.

“God is the source. Everything else is a resource.” ~ Tony Evans

I hope your attending service or watching service online. Do not let this pandemic stop you from hearing the Word of God. If you cannot attend or watch, please spend time reading your Bible, committing yourself to prayer and listening to God. I pray, that when the times comes for all churches to open, all will attend.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless

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