Summer Dinner

It was 94 today and very humid. I really won’t complain because I like the heat and not ready for a change of weather. My husband and I wanted a summer dinner to share with our family and that is what we did. We had our girls and my mother in law over for dinner and wow, did we eat a lot.

We had crabs!!!! These were small size and they were so good. We had shrimp and fresh white perch that my husband caught on his fishing trip. Nothing like fresh fish! Everyone came hungry and could not wait to dig in.

When my husband was younger, his mom would make homemade hush puppies. He wanted to try making them himself and they turned out so yummy.

Hush Puppies

His mom is known for making many recipes. We love her homemade pumpkin bread, sweet potato pie and fried chicken to name a few. Her coleslaw is a staple and whenever there is a cookout, she brings it with her. I took this picture after we already ate most of it!


I made my pasta salad and corn on the cob. I’m not much for dessert but I wanted to make a little something. I looked on Food Network for something lite and chocolate. Giada has a No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie recipe. This is my kind of recipe cause I’m a bit of a health nut. It turned out really good.

It is always nice to have family over. We told our girls how important it was for them to have dinner with us once a week. They love coming over and laughing at each other. It’s really funny how close they have become since they both left. I really miss them when they leave, but I thank God that they live close by and we have a beautiful family relationship.

So in close, I want to thank God for providing everything for us. This food would not be possible without Him.

Lord, we are grateful and blessed for all that you give us. Thank you for this meal and let it nourish our mind and body to better serve you. Amen!

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless

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