Christmas In July

I do not watch a lot of television because I have enough work to keep me busy throughout the day. Plus, it seems like the same news and events are being repeated each day, and I know it is important because we do need to be informed. But when I do turn the television on, I usually watch Hallmark. I can now see the eye rolling of the guys who are reading this. 😄 I started seeing shows that have Christmas in July and I had no idea what it was about or how it began.

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I read that Christmas in July started in the south as a camp tradition, eighty four years ago. Christmas in July is seen on the Hallmark Channel and other shows. Even in these hot steamy days we are having now, the thought of Christmas seems nice. That does not mean that I am ready for snow because I do not like the cold. But it does mean that we can start planning and buying those gifts (that may be on sale) for our loved ones. Having a head start on Christmas seems like a good idea. The months start flying by when Fall starts, then all of a sudden November is here.

I know if I start buying and wrapping now, I will forget what I bought come Christmas. I usually have a list, put the names down and write what I buy for each person. Then I put a check mark next to it when I buy it and another check mark when I wrap it. I know it sounds silly, but it is the only way I can keep track.

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The gifts in July are not only for Christmas, but anytime of year. But I do see Christmas trees, wreaths and other decorations already being shown. I love decorating as much as the next person, but seeing this in 95 degree weather is funny. I am trying to save my flowers outside due to this heat, not ordering Christmas decorations. I have to admit, I am getting some ideas and now would be a great time to purchase a few items.

Christmas in July is a nice way to get an early start on Christmas. It is nice to get in the spirit of the holidays and know there is much to look forward to. This tradition that started years ago is now a big deal and great for those looking for a deal and great for retailers. For those who celebrate, have fun and enjoy everything that comes with this tradition.

This tradition is nice to have in the middle of the year, just don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is God’s message of hope by sending our Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus came into the world as God’s plan to save you. Without this, there is no salvation.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless

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