Starting from a very young age we build friendships. It may start from meeting a new friend in kindergarten, in your neighborhood or workplace. Some friendships are short lived while others are long lasting. Some fade away due to a move or a situation that occurred. Either way, friendships are important for our health, to vent, to trust and provide confidence.

Friends come and go, but there is usually one we can say is our best friend. You know, the one you can call anytime, say anything and just be yourself no matter what the situation is. That is the one person you can talk to and know that he or she is listening no matter how long you talk. That type of friend is so important to have and we can count on them anytime. But some friends are really not the type of friends you need or should want, and those are the ones that can pull you into any situation and turn your life upside down.

When we meet someone for the first time, it is important to build that relationship, whether it is from a young age or later in life. Trusting in someone is letting our guard down and being ourselves with that person. But is that person trustworthy? Can we rely on them and do they have the same belief that we do? Now I know not everyone has the same belief, but that is the difference between knowing what you should and should not do in a situation that can turn your life upside down. We live in a sinful world and we sin every day. That wrong path can lead to consequences, a lost friendship and a loss of our own self worth. How we respond to our sin and to God is more important than a friend who takes us down a wrong path.

God wants us to have friends and to love everyone. Spending time and learning about that friend is important so you can have that committed, long lasting relationship. Trusting in God and being faithful to Him comes first so you can have that loving, trusting relationship with a friend or loved one. Does that mean that everything a friend does is right? No. Not everyone will have faith and trust in God, and they may continue to turn their life upside down and keep going down that wrong path. Do we continue to love them? Of course, because even though they continue to sin, we love them but we do not love their sin. We can try to guide them and pray that they take the right path and continue to have God lead them.

Friendships are hard just like everything else in life. A friend should tell you if the dress your wearing doesn’t look good. A friend should tell you when your hair looks bad, and when you have food in your teeth. More importantly, a true friend would not let you choose sin, but reveals to you what your doing wrong.

“I thank my God every time I remember you.” (Philippians 1:3)

A friendship is a blessing and we should never take it for granted. Our friendship with God is more important than anything. God knows what we will say before we say it and He knows what we will do before we do it. But with God, the relationship is effortless and already there as long as we reach out to Him. Are you committed to God the same way you are to your friends? Make God a friend. Build that relationship and know that He will always be there, just like your true friend.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless

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