Exercising with my husband

One of my hobbies is exercising and I have been faithful for twenty-seven years. I was a member of my local gym, but since the virus closed everything down, I now work out at home. My energy is in the morning and exercising helps me start my day. I have my free weights, BOSU ball and a few other pieces, and do what I can at home.

I started exercising after my oldest was born and I knew how important it was to stay fit and healthy. My husband never joined a gym because he would run a few miles outside and come back and workout. But a few years ago he joined a local gym and has been faithful in his exercise routine until the virus. Now my husband and I are working out together. He does not exercise with me in the morning, but we do try to find time in the evening to walk or bike ride.

Now I don’t know about you, but I like to make a bike ride a workout, if it’s in the morning. So, when my husband said to me the other night lets go for a bike ride, I thought no problem. This would be a nice evening ride on our back road. We have three different ways we can go, and each way is longer than the next. Before I go any further, I want you to know that I did a leg workout that morning. He knows that I like to make an exercise worth while, and he surprised me by doing so. Did I really want to go now? No, I didn’t. He knew what I did that morning, but did I back down? No!

We started down the driveway, up our short road, and out of nowhere he says, “lets go” and he flew. Seriously, who does that? As we rode further along, he decides to take the longest route which is 6 1/2 miles. I am not making excuses, but the wind seemed stronger that evening and that made it tougher, and all I was thinking about was turning around. I could have stayed home and watered my plants. I was not about to give up, so I tried to enjoy the sun beating down on me and the gnats flying around me. Up the road were a few homes and all of a sudden this dog comes running out of nowhere and starts barking at us. The dog then runs in the road coming towards us barking, and of course I’m biking faster than ever. He or she did not hurt either one of us, but I did catch my second wind.

I look further up the road to see the stop sign where we need to turn around. Almost halfway there! We continue to the sign, turn around and I am ready to go faster and beat him. He wanted to make it more of a workout, and wanted to get up off the seat for 30 strides, sit back down and repeat. I’m all for a good workout, but it was not happening for me. I kept my resistance up, my stride steady and flew past him. As soon as I passed him, he stopped his up and down and stayed on the seat to follow. I made sure that I was concentrating on pushing through the pedals and working hard. Then I realized that we had to pass that house again with the dog. I pedaled so fast, and as we started passing the house, the dog was not out. I kept my speed all the way back. All I’m going to say is, guess who made it back first? ME! Yes, my husband was right on my back tire. Our neighbors must think we are crazy!

We enjoy biking or walking together and appreciate the quiet time (unless a dog comes after us). We ask each other about our day and just talk. Other times we don’t say anything at all, and that’s okay too. I think it’s important for couples to have fun together and remember what brought you together in the first place. Whether it is exercising, cooking or something else, make that time with your partner a special time. Make it a routine, make it a way of life.

Stay safe, stay healthy and God Bless

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