Empty Nest

Life certainly moves fast when you get older. I never really understood that, but now I do. My husband and I did not have our kids right away. We wanted to be married and have fun as a couple, and we did. Years later we knew it was time to start a family and now our kids are in their twenty’s, and on their own. We can now call ourselves empty nesters.

Empty Nest. Happy and sad.

I cannot believe I am at this point in my life already. I remember doing laundry, picking up after them, washing dishes (before we bought a dishwasher) and running around after them was exhausting at times. Now they are doing these chores and making their own decisions. Sometimes when they call it is so funny. They will say “I can’t believe this costs so much at the store!” I laugh and say, “Welcome to the real world!” They are learning how much things cost and learning how much to save.

They like doing projects around their house and show us the finished product. It could be painting, putting in a garden or building a shelf. It is nice to see that they are happy with what they accomplished, and we are so proud. When I visit them I try not to stay too long and when I leave I am so sad. Am I happy for them? Of course! All we ever wanted for them is their happiness. But I really miss them being here. I miss hearing “hey mom” or “I’m home.” I think my husband and I did an okay job at raising them. They got into trouble at times, but nothing so terrible that we worried.

Thank goodness for FaceTime. Where would I be without it? Now before you say anything, yes, I do text them before I FaceTime them. I would never do that and would not want my own mother to do that to me. The thought of just seeing them whenever makes me feel a lot better. Neither of them are far away and I am grateful for that. The thought of them not running up the steps into the house makes me a little sad. Once in awhile I look into their bedrooms and notice how clean they are, but how empty they are. Ugh… I’m good! Am I having separation anxiety? Is there a doctor in the house? No, just kidding. Then again, ask my husband.

This starts a new chapter in their lives and in our life as well. I can now make a lot of noise in the morning when I wake up. I am always the first to wake because I love mornings. No more tip toeing around preparing my breakfast and trying to be quiet. I can even turn the music up loud when I exercise. But more importantly, my husband and I can reconnect. He is an amazing cook and dinner’s at home are better than most restaurants. We are hoping the weather will warm up so we can get out more. Even though most states lifted some restrictions due to this pandemic we still need to be cautious. It certainly does not stop me from visiting my kids!

In the end, my husband and I can say that we did a pretty good job raising them and very proud of them. We never know what the future holds and our plans are not always our plans, but we hope that they continue to make the right decisions.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

Our empty nest days have started and life goes on. Lives start to build and plans start forming. They know they can call on us at anytime and also know that our home will always be here for them. My husband and I return to that young (old) couple before kids and have our own fun just like before.

Stay safe and healthy. God Bless

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