Gone Fish’n

Yesterday turned out to be a very nice day. It was 63 degrees, a little breezy and sunny. Finally, no rain! I was in the house doing a few things, while my husband was in the garage doing something. Since both of us were tired of doing stuff around the house, we went on a date. We went fishing!

Gone Fish’n, using our diy rod holders.

I don’t know if any of you recall that television show MacGyver, but I sometimes call my husband that. He can always make something and usually get himself out of any situation. I took this quick video of the rod holders he made…so cute. We caught six fish, but had to release four because they were too small. My husband caught the first one and it was a keeper…yay! no pictures, I forgot. Then, I caught one and was so excited. I reeled it in and then my phone rang. As I turned around to grab it and put it on speaker, I turned back around and my fish was gone. What? My husband said the fish had mud on it, so after he unhooked it, he went to clean it off and it got away.

Now really? Who cleans off a fish because it’s dirty? Isn’t that something you do when you get home? I wish I had a picture because it was a nice one. Our fun date that started out great, ended up sour. No, just kidding, it ended up fine. We had a nice time sitting on the back of the truck waiting to see the tip of the rods bend in anticipation of fish.

Though we only caught one (or two), it was a nice time getting out. There is no where to go and there is nothing open, and even though fishing was a cheap date, it was just the two of us having fun in the sun. Not all of us can get out depending on where we live and per our Governor’s orders. We take what we can get and I am hopeful that it will get better soon.

Be safe, stay healthy and God Bless

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