Spring Projects

I don’t now about you, but when I am home too long, I start getting ideas. I look around the house to see what new project I can start. Though I should not say that “I” can start, more like “we” can start. My poor husband. He looks at me with confusion when I say projects. It is with confusion, because he thinks I am confused for saying it. Maybe I should call it Spring cleaning.

Some of us like to freshen the house up every Spring. I am not talking about buying everything new. I am talking about cleaning, and looking at rooms in the house that need fixed. Okay, it is a project, but it depends on how you look at it. It could be a small or big project depending on how much is spent. We cannot spend a lot because our daughters wedding which was pushed into late summer because of this virus, but that is another story. I am the frugal one in the house. I like to have things nice, but do not need the best of the best.

As I look online at different stores (since I cannot go in them) I see all these ideas. I don’t know about you but this is difficult. I like to walk into stores, feel the texture of things and see the colors up close. This bit of looking online doesn’t fit well with me. So I wait.

Pottery Barn.

Absolutely beautiful, but cannot afford it.

My bathroom needs to come to life. I love this picture above, but too much money. So I dream. I’m sure if I look hard and long enough I will find something relatively the same. Plus, who is going in there other than me and my husband? Nobody! I will stick to the simpler things in life and the things we can afford. Nothing wrong with looking. I do that a lot.

Maybe I will paint a room or buy throw pillows. Either one always spruces up a room and makes it look better. Then I can add some fresh flowers and make the house smell good. I don’t know about you, but this whole project thing is making me feel better. My list might be getting longer the more I sit and think. Not looking good for hubby.

Whatever type of project or spring cleaning you do, I hope that you find joy in it. These are hard times for all of us and I hope that a little freshen up of some kind will bring a smile to your face.

Be safe and stay healthy

God Bless

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  1. No, you’re not alone. This quarantine brought me lots if time to get life organized and do cleaning in the house. Awesome post! By the way, please join my blog too if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😊

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