Stop, Slow Down!

The last eight months have been a little crazy for me. My daughter got engaged and I have been planning a wedding. My father in-law passed away, and my husband fell from a 16 foot ladder. I am planning a bridal shower, finishing my degree in Religion, and now my dog needs surgery. Now I know this is called life, but it has been a whirlwind.

I feel like I have been rushing around for so long that I have not slowed down. Have you ever felt like your moving at a fast pace and feeling overwhelmed?

What happened to “stop and smell the roses?”

I think that means to stop rushing and stressing, and start enjoying the life your living now. I am enjoying the life that I am living now. I sometimes feel that I am overwhelmed, but I try not to stress out. I used to stress about every little thing, but now I don’t. I have learned years ago to not get upset or stress over things, especially the things I have no control over.

I now tell my girls the exact same thing when they get upset. Look, if you cannot (which you won’t) make the traffic move faster, don’t get upset, you have no control over it. Why put yourself and your health through it! Slow down, enjoy the view! You cannot put the car “in flight” with wings on it. All of us have stress, but it is up to us on how we deal with it. It can be our family, work, friends or society itself, and we all go through it

I know the things that I am going through now are short lived. My daughter will be married and living her own life, and my life will go back to normal. The stresses of life will subside for now until the next event or situation occurs. I am grateful for the fast pace and the situations that arise because I can focus on God.

I do not want to lose the joy of what God brings to me everyday. I know that my schedule is full, but if I do not focus on God to set me straight, the burdens of life will get to me and I will not let that happen. My faith is strong enough to help me get through whatever life brings.

Life can get crazy and it is important to stop and slow down. Take time for yourself and relax. Read a book, exercise, see a friend or go shopping. I am hoping that I can take a weekend vacation sometime soon after the wedding, but before my dog’s surgery. By the way, she has benign tumor which needs removed.

Next time you feel life is overwhelming, stop and smell the roses. Mostly, ask God for prayer, because He does listen to our prayers. You will have peace knowing God. It is with God’s mercy and love that our lives will be changed for ever by knowing Him. Peace be with you.

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