Sing for the Soul

I used to always wish for a wonderful singing voice. Yes, your right, I cannot sing. My voice is so bad that even my girls tell me to stop. I do sing when I am driving down the road. It is easier, and no one can hear or comment. I even sing out loud when I am home alone, now that’ funny.

The worse part about me not singing is that I do not sing at church. I know what your thinking, neither do I! It’s great that other people sing at church. Maybe they think they are wonderful singers, and maybe there are. Singing in church means your singing to God and praising Him. God did give us a voice to use and we should shout it out. Still not for me.

My husband and I listen to music when we are home. We love Christian music and have been to a few concerts. We have seen Crowder, MercyMe and Casting Crowns. All have been amazing! When I am at the concerts I do sing. Probably because there are so many people and I figure they cannot hear me.

My husband also likes listening to the “blues”….ugh, not my thing. He turns the music up and I walk out. Sorry blues lovers, but it seems a little twangy to me. We both listen to different styles once in awhile, but mostly stick with Christian music. That is music for the soul to me. I hear those words and praise God and sometimes tear up. Some songs make me happy and others make me sad, but either way it’s the power of the song that makes it great.

If your not one for singing in church, don’t feel bad. Maybe your voice is as bad as mine, or maybe your voice is amazing and you don’t want to show others up. I will try my best on Sunday to sing if you will also. Either way, we really should be singing. It’s the power of the music and the love in our hearts that we should be expressing to God. Sing for the soul!

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