Reading the Bible is important because it brings us closer to God and develops a relationship with Him. It is also important to read and understand Scripture, and apply it to your own life. Read the words and concentrate on them, and identify what universal truth God is communicating in the passage.

Pick a passage from the Bible and identify the universal truth. After identifying the universal truth, see if you can apply the truth to a relationship in life.

These are just examples!

  • How would you apply this truth with your relationship with God?
    • You could obey God more and put your trust in Him.
  • How would you apply this truth to yourself?
    • You can take action, and know the difference between right and wrong.
  • How would you apply this truth with others?
    • You can extend your encouragement to others by sharing your testimony.

You can now practice what you have learned by putting it into action or how you react to others. Take this information and write five actions or attitudes you can work on this week. This could be your attitude towards others, serving others better or obeying God and meditate on His Word.

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