Curve Ball

As the saying goes, life throws you curve balls, is so true. When the day starts off smoothly and the mood is perfect, that is when the unexpected happens. That is what happened to my family.

The day after Christmas started off like any other day. My husband and I went to the store to pick up a few items. When we returned home and the morning hours past, the weather turned out nicer. We both wanted to start cleaning up things inside and outside of the house.

I decided to dust the furniture because I really like doing that. No, I do not. My husband on the other hand decided to cut limbs off a tree in our backyard, with the help of a neighbor. He gets everything he needs to start the project. I here limbs drop every once in awhile and look out to see where the limbs are falling. I hear a crash and run out, and the limb hit our back deck. I am yelling out “Please be careful.” I continue to do a few things inside. As I am about to dust another piece of furniture, I hear the neighbor running up the back deck, open the door, and yell for me to call 911.

I screamed “NO.” I grabbed my cell phone and hit 91111. Hung up and hit 911 correctly. My daughter runs outside with a towel and I see blood coming from my husband’s head. I am answering all the questions from the dispatcher as my adrenaline is very high. I find out a few minutes later that my husband is awake and cracking jokes. Now I can laugh, then I did not. I was grateful that he was awake and alert.

Long story short, after falling nearly twenty feet high, he broke two ribs and fractured his pelvic bone. I am Grateful that it was not worse than what is was, and grateful that God was giving our family more time with each other.

When I saw him lying there on the ground I did not know what I was thinking at the time other than praying to God. I think I went into shock, but I also knew he was in good hands when the ambulance came.

When I wake up in the mornings, I always pray to God and thank Him for everything He has given me. I pray that same thing for you, and hope that you know God is good in all situations. We never know what the day will bring, and I pray that you have faith in God and have a relationship with Him. When those curve balls happen to you, remember that God is always with you. He will never leave nor forsake.

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