When we have moments in our life and want to tell or express it to others we know or at least hope they speak back to us. Our ways of communicating can be by calling, text or mail. There is usually someone who will always listen.

The moments in our lives and how we feel should also be expressed to God. Though He always knows what will happen before we do, we still need to speak to Him and be guided by the Holy Spirit. You may not here from Him right away because His timing is not our timing. Or maybe your not hearing from Him because your not listening. “Ears that hear and eyes that see- the Lord has made them both.” (Proverbs 20:12)

One of the first ways to start hearing is by reading the Bible. It takes time and patience to read the Bible and a lot of understanding. God not only speaks to us through reading the Bible, but also through the Holy Spirit, prayer and our circumstances.

However God speaks it is the Truth and God breathed. Pray, and speak to the Lord. He wants a relationship with you and wants you to grow your love for His word when reading the Bible.

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