Love Yourself

Love yourself because you are loved by God. It can be challenging to love yourself in today’s society. Social media shows comparisons of what we should look like, and people tell us how we should feel. God does not do that, He loves us unconditionally, and we are created in His image.

When God is put first in life, then you learn to love yourself and others. The respect and self worth you have shows when you care and do good for other people. Loving yourself gives reason to care for yourself physically and emotionally. When your in condition to do this it gives meaning when you put others first.

Happy and loving people bring happiness to others. There is so much negativity in this world, that being around happy people will make others happy too. When Jesus said to love your neighbor, I am pretty sure He meant to love everyone.

Loving ourselves also comes at a cost because God does not want us to focus on ourselves. We are made in the image of God and we are not to act in an arrogant, self absorbed way. This will turn our focus off God and onto ourselves or other idols.

Love yourself the way God loves you. Love your neighbor and others. Do good to others as you would want them to do good to you. We are truly loved by God and this is shown through the sacrifice of Jesus.

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