A Christian Marriage

I have been married for thirty years. My husband and I did not think about God at that time, or even years after. We knew He was there, but did not have a relationship with Him. We put ourselves first before Him and everyone else. We did not attend church even though there were three churches around us. We had it all, or so we thought.

Years ago, my marriage spiraled downward. Satan took control of me, changed me and I lost what was most important. I not only hurt my husband, but my entire family. It did not take long for me to find God. Funny thing is, He was always there and I did not know it. I did not have that relationship with Him. We have that option to choose, and I reached out and chose God. I was born again, converted and transformed. My husband and I accepted God into our heart, our marriage and have put Him first.

God should be in the center of marriage. Marriage is a covenant with God and it is not about us, but about Him. A stable marriage has God in the center of life and a biblical foundation is by putting God first. God is love, Truth and He is Holy. When we have faith in Him everything else falls into place.

Marriage is important, but we cannot let the importance of marriage get in the way of what God has intended for us. Couples need to understand God’s calling within their marriage. Christians should pray together and have the Holy Spirit guide them. Pray for each other daily whether in good times or bad. Give God all the glory and thank Him for what He has done. God will guide and bring clarity, have trust in Him.

We will all stumble, fall and some will spiral downwards like I did. Couples will find troubling times, but they cannot give up. Be honest with your spouse and with God. Be committed to one another. Remember why you fell in the love in the first place. Be obedient to God and bring scripture into marriage, because the bond should not be broken. Marriage is from God and it is what He created.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

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